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REC MAN (Feature Length Movie Production)

Rainbow Visions Video LLC feature length movie: Now available for rental or purchase!

REC MAN is written, produ ced and directed by H. Wolfe 3 and is starring Tokkyo Faison, Antoine Wells,  Richard Mason, Jack Tynan and Karen McCants. It is the story of a Rec Instructor who is trying to save a recreation center from closing! It is an action packed  martial arts , comedy / drama. It has a strong message about values, community and faith. Rec Man principle photography took place from July thru September 2017 in Detroit, MI and editing was completed in July 2018   Rec Man had a successful premiere at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema in Detroit, MI on August 11th 2018. For more info and future updates: https://www.facebook.com/RECMAN.recman/

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Deleted Scene: Mrs. Braxton's Hustle Class

Rec Man Trailer #1

Rec Man featured performer: "Stringz"