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Professional Digital Video Production Services


           Commercial Price List 2020

Now with  HD & 4K Recording and editing:

Digital Videography: includes one camera, 

lighting, etc. $75.00 hr.


Streaming to Social Media:

Facebook, You Tube, Periscope, Instagram

 or custom RTMP

One Camera $50.00 hr.

Two Camera $100.00 hr.

Three Cameras $150.00 hr.

Prices are variable based upon inputs.

Note: Live digital mix will be included upon request and may alter pricing. Because of the nature of live streaming and available internet connections, we reserve the right to refuse a job upon initial consultation, if we deem that the internet connection is unavailable at the chosen streaming site. 

Nonlinear Editing: (Digital-non-linear, Multicam) 

$35.00 hr.

 Aerial Videography (Drone) HD & 4K

$75.00 hr

Storyboarding: Traditional or electronic 

$25.00 a page

 Video Duplication:  DVD & Blu-Ray 

up to 60 min-$10.00

over 60 min -$12.00

over 90 min- $15.00

Over 120 min-$20.00

We also can do analog to digital transfers: hard drives, flash drives etc.


Broadcast Commercials:


Basic Commercial Package:

One Commercial

- $500.00


Deluxe Commercial Package # 1

Two Commercials



Deluxe Commercial Package # 2: 

Three Commercials


                       All packages include 

                      the following services:

·      One Location of choice

2 cameras  (drone if needed)


Professional Audio 

·        Digital Non-linear editing

including a full array 

of digital effects.

Additional Notes:

 All projects under contract

We reserve the right to

    have control of the production

until its completion.

·    Shooting permits, additional equipment rental

 specialized animation and locations outside of the

metropolitan area, or United States may incur additional costs.

for more information: 

Phone: (313)397-1409


e-mail: hwolfe8040@rainbowvisionsvideo.com



























                Consumer Price List 2020

   Wedding Packages: 

     Basic Package 


          2 Camera Shoot includes: 

·  Filming in HD or 4K

·    Pre-shots of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

·   Coverage of wedding ceremony only

Standard Package 


·   2 Camera Shoot includes:

·   Filming in HD or 4K

·   Pre-shots of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

·    Full coverage of Wedding ceremony      and reception

·     You receive: 2 DVDs 1 Blu-Ray


Deluxe Package


·    3 Camera Shoot includes:

·    Filming in HD or 4K

·    Pre-shots of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

·  Coverage of Wedding ceremony and reception


 Please note: for $100.00 extra, we will include a 25 photo video montage with

option to show at the reception for the Standard and Deluxe packages


Other services we offer:

Photography Package

Prices start at

$5.00 a picture

Printing on photo paper

or transfer to web or disk

Video Montage: $3.00 a picture

Bring your photos to life with music and effects

Event Videography: Weddings, Church Services, Special Events, Music Videos. etc


Terms: All work done under contract, for our protection

 and yours! 50% down, payment in full upon

first day of filming.   

(Prices may vary, will be calculated by length of job, complexity etc.)

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