Rainbow Visions Video LLC.

Professional Digital Video Production Services

31 Years Bringing Your Vision to Life!

 Hello,  H. Wolfe 3 here! I'm CEO of Rainbow Visions Video LLC, a video production company established in 1985 by myself and Roger Harper . We have shot and edited thousands of videos including numerous weddings, commercials, PSA's, music videos and special events. We have wrote, produced and directed films and internet shows. We have used a variety of cameras and camcorders including: Panasonic PV-330, Panasonic AG-450, Panasonic AG-456, Canon GL-1, Canon GL-2, Canon XL-1,1 XL-2 and JVC GY-HD200 to name a few. Currently, Rainbow Visions Video uses the Sony HVR-HD1000U, HDR-AS15 GoPro Hero 3+ Sony HXR-NX30U and Panasonic GH4 4K HDSLR with cinema rig. I work with Sony Triax Broadcast cameras with the Second Ebenezer Church as a member of their Multi-media Crew. We use Applied Magic's HD Cinema and DVD Shop Pro non-linear editing computers and Adobe Premiere CS5.5 along with the Production Premium suite. our goal is to start shooting the REC MAN feature film in the very near future and more importantly, bring our and our clients vision to life!





















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